Anth 478


UpdatedMay 13, 2006

Course Description

This course is designed for archaeology students who wish to master a selection of the most common advanced methods for the analysis of archaeological data. The tentative topic list includes: database fundamentals; how to make CAD drawings from field sketches; cluster analysis, principal components analysis, correspondence analysis; sampling; stratigraphy by the Harris method; calibration and interpretation of radiocarbon dates. Problem sets that apply the course materials to archaeological data will be assigned throughout the semester. There will (probably) be two take-home exams. This courses assumes that you have had an introductory statistics course (descriptive statistics through an introduction to the linear model, or roughly the first 150 pages of the Shennan book referenced below) or equivalent training.

Course Outline

Lab: 9-10:50 MW, 202 Lincoln Hall

Date   Topic 
Jan 18   Introduction; ATLAS Lab orientation
Jan 23   Archaeological Data Analysis in Perspective
Jan 25-30   Database Fundamentals
Feb 1-13   AutoCAD: From Sketch Maps to CAD Drawings
Feb 15   WinBASP Introduction
Feb 20-27   Cluster Analysis
Mar 1-8   Principal Components Analysis
Mar 13-15   Work on midterm
Mar 17   Midterm exam due at 11 am
Mar 20 week   Spring Break
Mar 27-Apr 3   Correspondence Analysis
Apr 5-12   Discriminant Analysis
Apr 17   No class
Apr 19-26   Archaeological Stratigraphy
May 1-3   Calibrating and Interpreting Radiocarbon Dates
May 12   Final Exam due at 11 am


Homework (60% of your final grade)

Problem sets, many of which we will work on during class, give you the opportunity to apply the course materials to the analysis of archaeological data. I also want to see the details of your work, but don't hand me a 2 cm thick printout and expect me to explore it to find your answer (the first Kintigh article is helpful on this point). If I cannot reconstruct from your homework papers how you came up the results or answers you turn in, then you will receive a low grade for the assignment. See the assignments section of this class web page for homework deadlines. No late homework will be accepted for grading.

Exams (40% of your final grade)

There will be 2 take-home exams, each of which will be worth 20% of your final grade. Each exam poses a series of analytical problems and gives you the data needed to solve the problems. Your grade is based on the correctness, quality, and competence of your solutions.

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Instructor: Barry Lewis
Hours: 11.30 - 12.30 MWF
Office: 209f Davenport Hall
Phone: 244-3501

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